The world has changed dramatically since this novel coronavirus was identified on 7 January 2020, and more so after the World Health Organization declared early in March that the outbreak of COVID – 19 was a pandemic. As doors closed around the globe, people, businesses and organisations entered uncharted waters.

We had to learn different ways of working and communicating. Now, as many countries begin to slowly lift lockdown restrictions, companies have to adjust again, this time to the new scenario created by the pandemic. At Aquatec, we are closely monitoring current events and taking every step necessary to keep our customers, partners and team safe. Today, we are glad to inform that some of our staff has been able to safely come back to the office knowing that thanks to our efforts, these work premises are a low-risk environment.

In compliance with the UK Government’s advice on how to work safely during the coronavirus and following all legal guides for businesses in the categories of Factories, plants and warehouses, Labs and research facilities as well as Offices and contact centres, we have carried out a COVID-19 risk  assessment in line with HSE guidance.