HYDROlog™ 3000F

Flow, test pressure and ambient temperature – up to 1400 bar

Flow monitoring hydrotest logger

The new flow monitoring logger from Aquatec…

…measuring an external flow sensor, high accuracy test pressure and ambient temperature

The HYDROlog 3000F is a new flow monitoring logger and is part of the HYDRO 3000 generation of hydrotest monitoring equipment. It is a compact logger that monitors one external flow sensor (TTL and sine wave compatible), as well measuring test pressure to 1400bar and ambient temperature, to depths of up to 4000m. The integral pressure sensor has ±0.05%FS accuracy and ±0.01%FS precision (to 1000bar). With increasingly stringent lithium battery shipping regulations, the HYDROlog 3000F overcomes potential transit issues by using standard field-replaceable batteries available across the world. Users can choose the type of battery most suitable for each deployment, whether alkaline, lithium or rechargeable.

The HYDROlog 3000F features the intuitive AQUAtalk software and self-contained compact design, and is compatible with the new higher speed AQUAmodem Op2 subsea optical modem.

The simple way to monitor flow

  • Standard instrument monitors one external flow sensor – TTL or sine wave
  • Live sensor view via AQUAtalk when connected
  • Multiple flow sensors and pressures can be monitored with the HYDROlog 3000Fc custom range, which utilises Aquatec’s innovative smart sensor interface
  • Example custom configuration: 8 flow sensors (measuring flow and concentration) and 3 external pressures

High accuracy and precision pressure

  • ±0.05%FS accuracy
  • ±0.01%FS precision (to 1000bar), ±0.05%FS precision (to 1400bar)
  • A variety of sensor options to optimise the specification – 300bar, 600bar, 1000bar, 1200bar, 1400bar

Flexible deployment

  • All instruments log data internally and have real time reporting capability as standard
  • Choose your sampling regime with continuous and burst sampling options
  • Rated to 4000m, covering typical subsea operations

Durable and robust

  • Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, the logger is designed for the rigours of operational use
  • All loggers are fitted with sacrificial anodes to reduce the risk of corrosion on long deployments
  • Connectors and anodes are shielded from knocks and are housed within the 60mm diameter instrument, with no protrusions for easier mounting

Designed with operational efficiency in mind

  • Deployment wizard to allow quick and easy logger set up
  • Test data outputs as an industry standard csv file and report
  • Easily transportable with alkaline and NiMH battery options
  • Faster download via the new AQUAmodem Op2 optical modem, serial cable or USB on the surface

Hassle-free maintenance

  • User-changeable standard AA size batteries available across the world – purchase locally or order direct from Aquatec
  • Service and support plans available at time of purchase or at any time during ownership

Easily integrated into your subsea equipment

  • Compact logger measuring only 60mm in diameter and 310mm in length
  • Self-contained logger that runs on internal power – external power input or external battery pack supported
  • Compatible with the AQUAdisp subsea display, AQUAmodem Op2 optical modem and AQUAswitch ROV/diver switch
  • Available in the compact and complete hydrotest monitoring skid – HYDROskid 3000

Ready to use

  • We supply you with everything you need to get started, including software, cables, maintenance kit and a manual.
  • Aquatec Solutions for ocean instruments

Sensor specification




Sensor type


Piezo-resistive bridge


-2 to 30°C standard, other ranges on request

Absolute: 301, 601, 1001, 1201, 1401 bar



±0.05% full scale over temp range

Precision ±0.1°C

±0.01% full scale over temp range (to 1000bar)

±0.05% full scale over temp range (to 1400bar)



0.002% full scale

Logger specification

Flow sensor type 5V TTL or Sine wave
Parameters Test pressure, ambient temperature, battery voltage, flow rate, flowed total volume, concentration (on custom version)
Data storage capacity

64MB in non-volatile FLASH (standard)

Up to 2GB (upgrade)

Logging lifetime

Depends on logging parameters - up to 1 year

Data retention

>20 years


Burst or continuous

Acquisition rate

Up to 8 Hz depending on sensor

Burst averaging

Flexible averaging of multiple samples within burst


RS232 or RS422 and USB

External interfaces

AQUAdisp subsea display, AQUAmodem Op2 optical modem


4 x ‘AA’ cells - selected from alkaline, lithium or NiMH


AQUAtalk for Windows for configuration and download


¼” NPT, BSP or Autoclave

Maximum depth

4000m standard, custom solutions beyond

Material 316 Stainless steel
Weight <5kg in air