HYDROskid™ 3000

Standalone hydrotest monitoring system – to 3500m

The simplest way to monitor a hydrotest…

…measuring high accuracy test pressure and ambient temperature in a compact skid

The HYDROskid 3000 is a standalone hydrotest monitoring skid, making the monitoring process even simpler for pre-commissioning professionals. The system features the new HYDROlog 3000PT instrument - a compact logger measuring test pressure to 1000bar and ambient temperature. The integral pressure sensor has ±0.05%FS accuracy and ±0.01%FS precision. The hydrotest data is recorded on the logger, which includes a secondary power source for redundancy.

The HYDROskid also includes the updated AQUAdisp subsea display, allowing pressure readings to be monitored numerically or graphically. Data can be downloaded via ROV using the new higher speed AQUAmodem Op2 while the HYDROlog 3000 is still logging. The system is switched on by the AQUAswitch subsea switch, making sure it is only active when needed. This allows you to save battery life and data storage, whilst providing you with a secure way of activating and deactivating your equipment securely at any point during deployment. The system is compact and easy to use, with a single hydraulic connection point and a single connector for subsea download, configuration and surface charging.

High accuracy and precision pressure

  • ±0.05%FS accuracy, ±0.01%FS precision
  • A variety of sensor options to optimise the specification – 300bar, 600bar, 1000bar

The simplest solution to monitor a hydrotest

  • The HYDROskid is a complete standalone system, with internal batteries, data storage and real time access, making hydrotest monitoring even simpler
  • The user-friendly design means the contained instruments can be activated and deactivated with ease
  • Your data will be presented with clarity, whether graphically or numerically, to simplify your analysis
  • The system allows you to download your measurements subsea via optical link
  • View the measurements in real-time using the AQUAdisp subsea display or topside with a connected PC using the AQUAmodem Op2 optical modem

Flexible deployment

  • The HYDROlog 3000PT instrument logs data internally and has real time capability as standard via the AQUAmodem Op2 optical modem and AQUAdisp subsea display
  • Choose your sampling regime with continuous and burst sampling options
  • Rated to 3500m, covering typical subsea operations

Durable and robust

  • Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, the skid is designed for the rigours of operational use
  • The skid is fitted with sacrificial anodes to reduce the risk of corrosion on long deployments.
  • Connectors and anodes are shielded from knocks and are housed within the frame

Designed with operational efficiency in mind

  • All features of the HYDROskid have been carefully designed for low power operation, making the system ideal for a sustained hydrotest
  • The integrated AQUAswitch subsea switch allows you to turn on the system at point of use rather than at installation, which can save you battery power
  • Deployment wizard to allow quick and easy logger set up either on the surface or subsea
  • Test data outputs as industry standard csv file and report
  • Easily transportable with alkaline and NiMH battery options
  • The HYDROlog 3000 has a backup power supply to mitigate against any loss of data
  • Faster download via the new AQUAmodem Op2 optical modem, serial cable or USB on the surface

Ready to use

  • We supply you with everything you need to get started, including software and manuals. The HYDROskid includes the AQUAdisp, HYDROlog 3000PT, AQUAmodem Op2 and AQUAswitch.
  • Aquatec Solutions for ocean instruments

Skid specification

Data storage capacity

64MB in non-volatile FLASH (standard)

Up to 2GB (upgrade)

Logging lifetime Depends on logging parameters - up to 1 year
Data retention >20 years
Sampling Burst or continuous
Acquisition rate Up to 8 Hz depending on sensor
Burst averaging

Flexible averaging of multiple samples within burst

Pressure connection

1/4" NPT, BSP or Autoclave (depending on test pressure)


Rechargable NiMH battery
(Back up battery in logger - 4 x AA cells, selected from alkaline, lthium or NiMH)


AQUAtalk for Windows for configuration and download

Data download

Via optical modem during hydrotest
Via USB or serial cable topside

Maximum depth

3500 m standard

Material 316 Stainless Steel, with sacrificial anode


ROV grab bar - 20 mm diameter


~50 kg in air


Max 372 mm (H) x 513 mm (L) x 262 mm (W)