Presenting data underwater – to 4000m

Ideal for integrating with subsea instruments and systems

Present your data with clarity, using the AQUAdisp

…displaying real-time results in a user-friendly format.

The AQUAdisp™ is a revolutionary new subsea display, designed to offer a compact and low power alternative to other comparable instruments. The AQUAdisp can monitor up to 16 parameters and display them over 4 screens. Data can also be presented graphically (on 16 graphs), with the last 33 measurements being shown on each compact plot. The low power technology means there is no need to turn it on or off. Three versions of the display are available, depending on whether it is to be used with Aquatec instrumentation or third party equipment. The AQUAdisp gives you the confidence in knowing that your monitoring instruments are working effectively.


Compatible with...

  • HYDROlog® 2000, AQUAlogger 540/210® (standard model)
  • Instruments with NMEA output (NMEA models)
  • Instruments with serial output (custom models)

Innovative design

  • The AQUAdisp can be used in water depths of up to 4000m, making it ideal for both shallow water and deep ocean projects.
  • The display presents your data with clarity, to simplify your analysis.
  • Rather than display one parameter across an LED screen, the high resolution LCD panel allows the user to see four parameters at a time.

Long lasting performance

  • The low power technology means that the screen uses very little energy, so you don’t have to turn it off and on.
  • The AQUAdisp is an efficient and energy saving alternative display for long-term deployments.
  • External batteries are available on request.

Simple use with ROV

  • The AQUAdisp is the ideal instrument for use in both shallow and deep water environments.
  • The display presents your data with clarity, making it ideal for use with ROVs.


  • The AQUAdisp is compatible with the HYDROlog 2000, AQUAlogger 540, AQUAlogger 210, and third party instruments with NMEA output or serial output.

Ready to use

  • We supply you with everything you need to get started, including software, cables and manuals.

Technical specification




4.2 to 30 VDC


External batteries available on request


AQUAtalk for Windows for configuration



Maximum depth

4000 m


135 mm diameter, 50 mm depth (excluding connector)


2.75 kg in air

Compatible with

HYDROlog 3000, AQUAlogger 540/310
NMEA/serial output instruments