Innovation is at the heart of Aquatec – whether bespoke solutions for customers, ground-breaking new technologies or updates for our well-established product ranges.

In addition to running a significant internal research and development programme to advance our instrumentation product line, we have participated in a number of collaborative research and development programmes. 

R&D Projects

Project Dates Type Role Details Technology
ACOBAR 2008 - 2012 FP7 SME Acoustic Technology for Observing the interior of the Arctic Ocean Acoustic Communication
DAMOCLES 2005 - 2010 FP6 SME Developing Arctic Modeling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies Acoustic Communication
NECESSITY 2004 - 2007 FP6 Subcontractor Nephrops and CEtacean Species Selection Information and Technology Acoustic marine mammal deterrent for trawls
SWARM 2003 - 2005 FP5 Research Partner Autonomous underwater multi-probe system for coastal area - Shallow Water Monitoring Acoustic Communication
PINGER 2004 - 2005 Spanish Govt Partner Desarrollo de un prototipo acústico para la reducción de la predación ocasionada por mamíferos marinos en las pesquerías de pez espada Acoustic marine mammal deterrent for longlines