Water Quality Monitoring in Rivers and Lakes


Water quality monitoring in rivers and lakes is important many scientific disciplines. The AQUAlogger 310TY measures turbidity, temperature and pressure, and is an ideal tool for  scientists and consultants alike.



Monitoring turbidity and temperature

  • Measure turbidity to over 10,000FTU – monitor baseline turbidity, small scale variability and events (such as storm events) with one instrument
  • Measure temperature and pressure – add temperature and depth as additional parameters to study thermal effects and track water level changes
  • Convert to suspended sediment concentration – use the built in SSC Converter to input your in-situ samples and convert your turbidity measurements to sediment concentrations
  • Flexible sampling – continuous or burst sampling, variable sample rates to monitor different parameters at different rates, and intermittent sampling for maximum control

Short term monitoring

  • Quick start in the field – set up your logger in the office, the quick start with a magnet in the field. Shake the logger to check its status with the ‘shake to show’ feature.
  • Wireless upgrade - For regular sampling, add wireless surface communication and a Windows tablet for data download and reprogramming in the field

Long term monitoring

  • Long memory and battery life – with a 64MB memory and the ability to install lithium batteries, a battery and memory lie of up to a year can be achieved. For high frequency sampling or longer deployments, memory upgrades and external battery packs are available.
  • Combat biofouling – automatic wipers can be added to minimise the risk of biofouling

Real time systems

  • Real time capability as standard – cabled and wireless solutions for full real time systems with data access via designated PC or secure website