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A complete range of oceanographic and environmental instruments for observing and collecting sediment

Featuring products from Aquatec Group, KC-Denmark, MBT GmbH - MacArtney Germany and Partrac for the collection of suspended, bedload and deposited sediment, including turbidity loggers, acoustic suspended sediment profilers, grabs, corers and sediment traps, and measurement of surface sediment stability. 




A complete range of oceanographic and environmental instruments and equipment for observing and collecting suspended, bedload and deposited sediment.

Instrumentation for observing sediment in suspension from Aquatec Group & KC-Denmark. Includes turbidity loggers & acoustic profilers.

Reliable equipment for collecting sediment in suspension from KC-Denmark, including niskin bottles, water samplers and sediment traps.

Collecting bedload and deposited sediment
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A range of Grabs and Corers from KC-Denmark and MBT GmbH - MacArtney Germany for collecting sediment from natural waters.

Innovative instrumentation to measure surface sediment stability from Partrac, including the Voyager II sea flume and Cohesive Strength Meter.

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A range of resources on sediment monitoring, including articles, application notes and videos. Also featuring the Aquatec Equipment Awards for Masters and PhD students.

Annual awards for students - enter to win the free loan of Aquatec instruments

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