Aquatec combines established cathodic protection measurement equipment with innovative, proven subsea communication technology to provide smart solutions for monitoring protection and current levels.

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cp sensorsCP Monitoring Sensors

We use high purity zinc electrodes, silver/silver chloride half cells, and precision current shunts to provide direct dual-sensing of cathodic protection potential, and precision monitoring of anode current. We also provide precision semiconductor assemblies to reduce protection potential in high strength steel applications to mitigate against hydrogen embrittlement that occurs during overprotection of the steel.


Wireless Subsea Monitoring

Aquatec engineers pioneered the use of intelligent acoustic communication for the retrieval of stored data from in-situ corrosion monitoring data loggers. Since 1998, our innovative AQUAmodem communication system and AQUAlogger data acquisition and logging systems, have been deployed as a cost effective and reliable method to monitor remote sections of pipeline or structure without using costly cables or risking diver intervention. With the latest send-and-forget AQUAmodem 500 instruments, as well as remote networking and satellite technology, we can also offer real-time reporting from monitored sites around the world, directly to your desktop.

AQUAmodem cpAQUAmodem CP

The AQUAmodem CP is Aquatec’s pioneering, intelligent acoustic communications device for the measurement and transmission of potentials or currents. The AQUAmodem CP offers an economical and reliable alternative to costly cables, and ensures consistent, long-term fixed point monitoring. It reduces the need for diver or ROV intervention and provides measurements in all seasons and weather conditions. The instrument allows you to monitor remote sections of your structure or the performance of sacrificial anodes, and receive real-time data topside or on subsea data loggers.


Test Equipment

Ensuring that systems are set up correctly requires specialist test equipment, which has been designed specifically for CP monitoring applications. High current testers are used to calibrate shunt resistors for measuring sacrificial anode current.


Complete monitoring systems – CPmonitor

Whether your current cathodic protection system is nearing the end of its life or routine surveys have detected inconsistent or declining protection levels, CPmonitor can measure real-time protection levels at multiple points across the structure over periods of months to years. This information can then be used to optimise cathodic protection levels, or make operational decisions, such as the installation of a new CP system or decommissioning.

ApplicationsAQUAsled ICCP resized

  • Optimising protection levels for existing structures
  • Troubleshooting inconsistent protection readings from standard surveys
  • Aid to decision making on the future of a structure - decommissioning or life extension
  • Calibration of models


  • Save money with increased knowledge, by optimising protection levels - not over-protecting the structure and not putting the installation at risk by under protection it.
  • Calibrate models by solving uncertainties in the model inputs.
  • Benefit from knowing precise protection levels in all seasons and sea states at a fixed, known location.
  • Decisions on future CP requirements can be made with consistent, reliable data.
  • CP levels are measured at multiple points on the structure and transferred topside in real-time.
  • No diver or ROV is needed after the installation of the system.
  • Each system is tailored to your project, to provide you with the best possible solution for your offshore structure.


Retrofit SolutionsAQUAclamp

The AQUAclamp allows easy retrofit of real time monitoring units to existing subsea pipelines and structures.

The AQUAclamp is a robust frame, designed to fit onto submerged pipes and other structures. The user-friendly design makes it easily deployable by a diver or ROV, and is ideal for the retrofit of monitoring equipment. One diver or ROV can single-handedly secure the AQUAclamp in place, with a simple push and twist installation process, using the ROV handle as necessary. It is available in a variety of sizes to suit the dimensions of the pipe.


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