Aquatec has a wealth of experience in supplying a range of cathodic protection systems; each individually designed, manufactured and supplied to meet the project requirements. Systems can be retrofit or new, designed for a variety of assets including oil platforms, pipelines, jetties and FPSOs.

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Sacrificial Systemssacrificial cp

Sacrificial anodes remain the solution of choice for most new offshore structures. Aquatec can supply sacrificial systems, either working with specified designs, or designing the complete system. We work with carefully selected suppliers to source the most suitable anodes for your project.

Aquatec’s anode sled – the AQUAsled SCP – is ideal for retrofit systems. The ease of deployment and flexibility of location mean it is ideal for optimising the protection levels required.

Sacrificial systems can benefit from the addition of Aquatec’s monitoring systems, allowing protection levels to be logged or transmitted in real time via acoustic modems. Recent developments include the option to download data subsea via ROVs using our optical modem systems – AQUAmodem Op1.


Impressed Current Systemsimpressed current cp

Impressed current systems provide an alternative protection solution to sacrificial anodes. They are suitable for both new structures and retrofit systems. 

Impressed current systems allow an element of control that is not available with sacrificial systems, as the power supplied to the anodes can be varied. When combined with real time monitoring, ICCP systems become a powerful solution, as protection levels can be optimised automatically, thus minimising operational costs and reducing the risk of under protection or over-protection, especially where high strength steel is present. 

Aquatec’s ICCP sled – the AQUAsled ICCP, allows simple deployment of ICCP systems for retrofit. Efficient design takes into account the deployment methods, so operational costs are minimised. We also produce specialist CP power supplies, particularly for non-standard applications.

Complete cathodic protection and monitoring systems – CPguardian

For optimum cathodic protection and monitoring, Aquatec Group has developed CPguardian - a unique and cost-effective ICCP system that protects and monitors your offshore structure. CPguardian is ideal for extending the life of aging assets, making it a viable alternative to decommissioning. The fully integrated system has closed loop control, which provides impressed current cathodic protection and monitoring of the resulting protection levels in real-time.

cpguardian system diagram

Controlled PSU – manual and automatic control

In automatic mode, the PSU will adjust the current supplied to achieve the desired protection using the feedback from the AQUAmodem CP real-time monitoring units. Your current requirements are optimised to achieve the required protection using real data from across your structure. If manual control is preferred, the operator can set the protection levels and current required to achieve it.

AQUAmodem CP

AQUAmodem cpThe AQUAmodem CP is Aquatec’s pioneering, intelligent acoustic communications device for the measurement and transmission of potentials or currents. The AQUAmodem CP offers an economical and reliable alternative to costly cables, and ensures consistent, long-term, fixed point monitoring. It reduces the need for diver or ROV intervention and provides measurements in all seasons and weather conditions. The instrument allows you to monitor remote sections of your structure or the performance of sacrificial anodes, and receive real-time data topside or on subsea data loggers.


  • Save money with increased knowledge, by optimising protection levels - not over-protecting the structure and not putting the installation at risk by under protecting it.
  • Calibrate models by solving uncertainties in the model inputs.
  • Benefit from knowing precise protection levels in all seasons and sea states at a fixed, known location.
  • CP levels are measured at multiple points on the structure and transferred topside in real-time.
  • No diver or ROV is needed after the installation of the system
  • Each system is tailored to your project, to provide you with the best possible solution for your offshore structure.


Commissioning & Support

reporting iconA key part of our service is the provision of personnel for commissioning systems, providing regular inspection and maintenance, and analysing logged CP monitoring data. We have fully trained and qualified support engineers to provide yard and offshore support. As designers and manufacturers of the systems, we are best placed to provide operational and commissioning support.

communication design imageWith remote access telemetry, our support role can also be office-based. Our corrosion engineers can receive and analyse real-time data from offshore platforms and installations, and report directly to clients, typically within hours of significant CP events. This allows you to react quickly with the data you need to make operational decisions. Real time feedback of information also allows you to optimise your systems, thus minimising unnecessary spend and wasted resources.


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