Aquatec was founded by the current managing director in 1990 as a specialist consultancy in oceanographic instrumentation design. In 1993, cathodic protection systems were added to the company’s portfolio. Since then, Aquatec has developed and supplied instrumentation systems for cathodic protection and monitoring for installation on oil platforms, pipelines, jetties, and FPSOs from the UK North Sea to locations throughout the world.

Our portfolio ranges from the provision of cathodic protection design services, predictive modelling and inspection; the supply of ICCP and sacrificial systems and monitoring, with commissioning and support; to data gathering, interpretation and analysis services.

Aquatec personnel have extensive experience protecting offshore assets, with key personnel specifying, designing & manufacturing CP systems since the 1970s, and pioneering acoustic monitoring.iCorr logo

Aquatec is a member of the Institute of Corrosion.


Aquatec's Cathodic Protection Services

Aquatec Group offer a full range of cathodic protection and monitoring services, including consultancy, cathodic protection systems and insight into system performance. 

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