Aquatec has extensive experience in designing instruments and systems for oceanographic monitoring. We can provide you with a bespoke solution for your oceanographic, environmental or coastal monitoring project.


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Monitoring environmental parameters is important in all phases of dredging. Sedimentation and turbidity levels within a water body can be affected during dredging, which can cause short term environmental impacts. As each project can differ substantially to the next, different regulations may apply, which need to be considered during all stages of dredging. With over twenty years of expertise in sediment monitoring, Aquatec offer unique instruments and systems for dredge monitoring to help you achieve your project goals.

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Suspended sediment concentration (SSC) is an important parameter to be monitored in all three varieties of hydropower stations – run of river, reservoir and pumped storage. When a hydropower facility is constructed and in operation, the natural flow of the river is changed, leading to significant alterations in sediment processes. This can substantially affect the water environment upstream and downstream. Aquatec can provide you with an effective system for monitoring SSC and sediment transport to ensure productive operation and management of your facility and the wider environment.

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Crowdsourcing data can be an excellent way to minimise the costs of research, and provide more than one party with valuable oceanographic data. Aquatec has experience in designing instruments for crowdsourcing data projects. Whether you require an off the shelf instrument or a custom design, contact us today to discuss your options. 

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Aquatec offer custom solutions to meet diverse monitoring requirements in the offshore renewables sector. Whether you need real time monitoring systems, customised, standalone or fully integrated alarmed systems, we can design the optimum solution for you.


  • Hydrodynamic conditions
  • Sediment dynamics
  • Cable motion monitoring
  • Cathodic protection and monitoring



Aquatec provides a range of solutions to solve the needs of farmers in the aquaculture industry, including real time and alarmed systems.

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Cable motion monitoring