Aquatec has been developing and manufacturing subsea instrumentation since 1990, and has a well-established and diverse range of products. Building upon this knowledge and product base, Aquatec offers an instrument design service for those requiring project / application specific instruments or new instrumentation that is not available as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product.

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Aquatec designs subsea instrumentation to measure a variety of parameters for a wide range of applications, incorporating third party sensors, data logging, custom electronics and housing design. Every project is different, with different aims and end requirements for data. Aquatec will find the best solution to achieve your goal, working closely with you throughout the project.

Your experience starts with an initial consultation with one of our solutions experts, who will discuss your requirements in detail.

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Aquatec can design instruments to measure a variety of different parameters - examples are shown below. If the measurement you require is not listed, contact us and we will investigate the options for you.

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Structures, cables, pipelines Water quality (seawater, injected water) Hydrodynamics
Motion, Tension Turbidity, Temperature Waves, Tide
Pipeline Pressure, Temperature Pressure, Depth Water level, Currents
Leak Detection Chlorophyll, CDOM, PAR
Flow Salinity, DO, pH, Redox


Aquatec has an extensive range of products, developed through ongoing internal R&D, including:hydrolog2000

  • HYDROlog range - Hydrotest pressure and water temperature
  • LEAKlog range - Fluorescent, thermal and acoustic leak detection
  • AQUAlogger range - Temperature, pressure and turbidity loggers and real time instruments
  • AQUAscat range - Acoustic suspended sediment profilers for field and lab use
  • AQUAmark range - Acoustic marine mammal deterrents


Aquatec Group employs highly qualified engineering personnel with extensive expertise in oceanographic and offshore applications. In-house expertise includes:

  • Oceanographic instrumentation
  • Low power data loggers
  • Digital signal processing
  • Temperature and pressure measurement
  • Temperature and pressure measurement
  • Suspended sediment acoustic characteristics
  • High frequency acoustics
  • Underwater sound propagation
  • Underwater acoustic communication
  • Marine mammal acoustics
  • Cathodic protection

    Case study: AQUAlogger 530

    Aquatec was required to design and manufacture a new temperature and depth logger for use on commercial fishing vessels. Near-real time data transfer, autonomy and robust design were all key requirements.


    Long term seabed temperature records in Northeast US coastal waters have traditionally been gathered by casts from research vessels costing up to US$10-20,000 per day. Although this has yielded almost a century of observations, temporal resolution is poor, with measurements only taken a few times a year. From 2001, temperature and depth loggers were attached to some of the millions of lobster traps deployed by fishermen in the region. This increased the spatial and temporal resolution of temperature measurements, but data recovery was lengthy and delayed. A new temperature and depth recorder was commissioned to deliver data to fishermen immediately as the fishing gear surfaced, allowing near real time data transfer to NOAA – the AQUAlogger 530WTD.


    Aqualogger530The AQUAlogger 530 is a standalone temperature and depth logger. The innovative design includes the ability to store data and display graphs automatically via wireless technology, negating the need for a cabled connection or manual interaction.

    The system consists of a data logger and a reader unit. The logger can be triggered to start and stop collecting data at set depths or times. When retrieved from the water, the logger will automatically transmit the collected data to the reader wirelessly, provided there is line of sight and the reader is less than 100m away. The data will then be processed and a graph presented on the connected computer. The process from the start of data transfer to presentation of the graph takes minutes.

    As the instrument was designed for use of commercial vessels, it is durable and has been shock tested to US standards, It can be attached to lobster pots, nets and other equipment. Providing there is line of sight with the reader, the logger may not need to be detached to download the data.

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