Aquatec Rental Rewards gives you the opportunity to benefit from preferential rental rates, a discount on service and calibration for Aquatec instruments, and the chance to try out new technology first.

Rental Rewards


Aquatec Rental Rewards is available for both the offshore instrumentation rental pool, which includes hydrotest monitoring systems and leak detection kit, and the oceanographic and environmental instrumentation rental pool, which includes acoustic suspended sediment profilers, turbidity loggers and marine mammal deterrents. The programme is ideal for customers looking to rent multiple instruments within a year, as it provides one agreement to cover all rentals.


Join Aquatec Rental Rewards today to get the following benefits:

  • One frame agreement to cover rentals for the year, with terms and conditions agreed upfront...
    ...making it easier for everyone to access the kit they need, quickly.

  • Preferential rental rates...
    ...saving you money on every deployment.

  • 10% discount on service and calibration of your own Aquatec Instrumentation...
    ...helping you maintain your equipment.

  • Initial training on the rental kit... you confidence and knowledge of the equipment.

  • Opportunity to trial new instrumentation before everyone else... at the forefront of new technology.