Aquatec’s engineering team have been creating customised telemetry solutions for customers in the offshore and marine industries for over 15 years. In 2013, Aquatec added a short range optical modem to their toolkit of communication solutions.

AQUAmodem ® Op2

Subsea optical modem

Aquamodem op1
AQUAmodem ® Op2L

Lightweight optical modem

AQUAmodemOp1L small
Acoustic modem

AQUAmodem 500 and 1000

Aquamodem op1 AQUAmodem ® Op2
  • Short range interrogation, commanding and data download
  • Compatible with any instrument with an RS232 serial interface, including Aquatec’s AQUAlogger and HYDROlog ranges
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AQUAmodemOp1L small  AQUAmodem® Op2L
  • Suitable for use with small ROVs or by divers
  • Flexible data transfer
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AQUAmodem500  Acoustic Modems
  • Send and forget or two way communication
  • Integrated with monitoring systems
  • Bespoke design
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Optical modems - standard products

AQUAmodem optical modems provide a seamless interface between the user and any subsea instrumentation with RS232 serial interfaces, such as our AQUAlogger oceanographic instruments and HYDROlog hydrotest loggers. The connection is made typically via an ROV umbilical, providing simple use and deployment of the instrument. They feature individual unit addressing and automatic optical or serial data wake-up, to conserve the life of the external battery pack and prolong the service of the device. The instruments permit short range interrogation, commanding, and data download for your subsea monitoring equipment, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient solution to solve your subsea communication needs.


AQUAmodem op1 diagram

Acoustic modems for real time systems

Subsea acoustic data transmission is a powerful tool, improving efficiency, availability of data and reducing the need for underwater intervention. However, the transmission of acoustic signals subsea is complex and dependent on a variety of environmental factors, including water column structure, bubbles and noise. As a result, Aquatec acoustic modems are not available as off the shelf products. Instead, we work with you to ensure communication success with custom made modems for each project.