Retrofit Subsea Strain Monitoring System

KINEKtron® is the world's first fully functional, tested and deployed retrofit Subsea Strain Monitoring System. The system is capable of measuring strain on structural tubular members. It combines many of Aquatec's existing innovative underwater instrumentation and communications technologies with a new and unique method for measuring strain in a robust ROV-installable package. 

Key Features

  • Robust permanent magnet attachment technology providing > 1-ton attachment force
  • Unique multi-point strain transfer mechanism facilitating high dynamic range measurement with microstrain resolution
  • Dual through-water communications
  • Ultra-low-power design technology, providing up to 3 years' continuous strain data
  • ROV interface for safe and effective system deployment on the structural member


  • Retrofit Subsea Strain Monitoring
  • Mooring Monitoring
  • Pipelaying Operations Monitoring
  • Wind Turbine Monopile Strain Monitoring

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  • Magnetic attachment
  • Three sets of two strain gauges covering 3 quadrants of the brace
  • Half-circle shape for enhanced installation
  • Subsea ROV switch for hydraulic deployment
  • For pipe sizes of Ø 1.2 m, Ø 1.4 m, Ø 1.6 m, Ø 1.8 m and scalable to others
  • 3.3 Hz continuous data logging
  • 3-year battery life
  • Brace pipe engagement indicators
  • Magnetic force test sacrificial fishtail handle
  • Buoyancy modules

Instrument Pod

  • Instrument pod rated to 150m
  • Protective shroud for secure installation
  • Data acquisition, storage and comms electronics
  • Wetmate connector for surface interaction
  • ROV handle
  • Pressure sensor, accelerometer, acoustic modem and optical modem


 Pipe diameter

1,200 mm (Scalable to other sizes)

Weight in air (Kg)

320 Kg

Weight in water (Kg)

20 Kg


875 mm


1,675 mm


Half circle

Mounting technique

Magnetic mount

Magnetic force

1,320 Kg

Instrument Pod

Depth rating

150 m

Logging rate

3.3 Hz

Battery life

3 years continuous operation

Battery type

Lithium pack certified for transport

Memory capacity

4.6 GB


Number of strain gauges


Position of strain gauges

3 quadrants

Strain gauge range

± 2000 µε


Better than 10 µε

Accelerometer range (g)

± 2

Accelerometer resolution (mg/count)


Pressure sensor range

10 bar

Pressure sensor accuracy

0.02% FS



Flat USB connection

Acoustic communication - Status acoustic modem

Clamp ID, battery, health status, data, strain status data

Acoustic communication update

15 min

Acoustic communication range

Approx. 200 m

Optical communication - AQUAmodem® Op2c

Capability to download a full data set with ROV

Optical communication - Speed

1,000 kbps