AQUAmark® 848

Programmable deterrent

Ideal for offshore construction

The AQUAmark® 848 is a programmable acoustic pinger designed to deter marine mammals from fishing gear and man-made hazards. Its programmable nature allows research scientists to evaluate different acoustic signal types to determine the optimum deterrent solution for a given marine mammal interaction. The instrument is available to qualified research institutions for discounted purchase on a data sharing basis. It is also available for commercial rental in a pre-configured form for marine mammal mitigation applications.


  • Offshore construction
  • Sea fishing

Acoustic specification


Primary bandwidth 5 kHz to 30 kHz
Harmonic energy to 120 kHz

Sound level

Typically 165 dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m peak

Deterrent signals

AQUAmark chirp repertoire for general deterrence
Pseudo-clicks for echo-location confusion
Pseudo-noise for echo-location masking
Random composite of all modes

General specification

Effective range

Up to 1500 m depending on species and nature of interaction


254 mm long x 165 mm diameter (without deployment cage)

465 mm long x 165 mm diameter (with deployment cage)

Maximum depth

500 m

Battery life

1 week between charges


Purchase - to qualified research institutes
Rental - in pre-configured form for marine mammal mitigation applications

Q: Will the AQUAmark be effective to deter seals, sea lions, otters or Minke whales?

A: The AQUAmark range of deterrents are designed to deter porpoises, dolphins and similar toothed whales. They have not been tested on other species.