AQUAlogger® 310PT

Temperature, pressure - to 6000m

Ideal for deep water research and real-time monitoring


Benefit from flexible, high speed sampling of temperature and depth with the AQUAlogger 310…

…giving accurate results in real-time at depths of up to 6000m.

The AQUAlogger® 310 is a self-contained temperature and pressure logger that offers simple data connection, configuration and download, and real-time reporting capability. The versatile instrument is suitable for deploying in fresh and seawater, and includes user friendly features such as quick start, shake to show status check and flexible sampling. The AQUAlogger® 310 is capable of monitoring in water depths of up to 6000m, making it a suitable choice for many oceanographic research professionals.


  • Deep water temperature distribution surveys
  • Real time oceanographic and environmental monitoring

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AQUAlogger® 310PT Key Features


Measure temperature and depth

  • Measure temperature and pressure in a self-contained logger
  • High speed sampling to 8Hz
  • Real time reporting capability

User friendly features

  • Quick start – swipe the logger with a magnet to start deploying
  • Shake to show – check the status of the logger by shaking twice. A light indicates whether the instrument is logging, waiting to start, not deployed or has a low battery.
  • Off the shelf batteries – user-changeable standard AA size batteries available across the world – purchase locally or order direct. Choose between alkaline, lithium or NiMH batteries to suit the deployment.

Deploying the logger

Four methods of setting up the instrument depending on the complexity of the deployment:
  • Basic – delayed start, burst sampling
  • Advanced – triggered logging, NMEA output, variable sample rates, sample averaging, intermittent logging
  • Re-deploy – redeploy the logger using the last regime
  • Pre-defined – load a previously saved regime file

Accessing the data

  • Log the data and access later
  • View in real time with a live view via a cabled connection
  • Upgrade to access your data wirelessly on the surface with Bluetooth-enabled Windows devices
  • Access your data subsea with Aquatec’s field-swappable comms modules:
    • Subsea display for data visualisation
    • Optical modem for short range interrogation, commanding and data download with ROVs or divers
    • Acoustic modem for transmission of real time readings

Aquatec services

    • Custom instruments and accessories – design services for new instruments, customisation and systems integration
Aquatec Solutions for ocean instruments

Sensor specification


Standard accuracy

11 bar (~100m) - standard
5 bar (~40m), 51 bar (~500m), 101 bar (~1000m) - select range
201 bar (~2000m), 401 bar (~4000m), 601 (~6000m) - deep water range

±0.2% FS accuracy*, 0.01% FS resolution


High accuracy
Pressure ranges - on request

±0.05% FS accuracy*, 0.01% FS resolution


±0.05°C accuracy, 0.001°C resolution

Logger specification


Pressure, temperature, battery voltage - all models
Depth - derived parameters


64 MB in non-volatile FLASH (standard)
128MB (Upgrade option 1) - 384MB (Upgrade option 2)

Logging lifetime

Depends on logging parameters - up to 1 year

Data retention

>20 years


Burst or continuous

Aquisition rate

Up to 8 Hz depending on sensors

Burst averaging

Flexible averaging of multiple samples within burst


RS232 or RS422 (specify) and USB

Optional wireless communication upgrade

External interfaces

Compatible comms modules: display, optical modem, acoustic modem


4 x AA cells - selected from alkaline, lithium or NiMH


AQUAtalk for configuration and download, including SSC Converter

Maximum depth

1000m - standard model
6000m - deep water model


Acetal - standard model

Duplex - deep water model


<3 kg in air - standard model

<5 kg in air - deep water model

Dimensions Diameter - 60 mm, Length - 335 mm

Q: I need to know the depth in metres.

A: A conversion from pressure to depth is standard for AQUAlogger® 310 instruments.

Q: Can it provide data in real time?

A: The AQUAlogger® 310 has real time capability as standard. We can provide a range of subsea communication solutions, including cable and the plug-in swappable comms modules. Please let us know what you are looking to do and we will help you find the best solution.

Q: Can we replace the batteries ourselves?

A: The batteries are standard AA sized and are user replaceable. You can select whether to use alkaline, lithium or rechargeable batteries, depending on your deployment. Please note, your warranty will be void for leaks if the instrument is opened. A battery change is offered as standard in an annual service.