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New Subsea Clamp for Cathodic Protection and other Subsea Monitoring Systems

Aquatec is launching the AQUAclamp™ subsea clamp at Offshore Europe, as part of their cathodic protection and monitoring range.



New Products for Hydrotest Monitoring 

Aquatec is launching 4 new products at Offshore Europe, as part of their hydrotest instrumentation and systems range. The new products include a subsea display, subsea gauge and standalone monitoring skid.



MMF54 to be held at Marwell Zoo on 4th June 2014

Aquatec Group are delighted to host the 54th Marine Measurement Forum, which will be held at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire on 4th June 2014.



Aquatec delivers AQUAlogger 210 Turbidity and Depth Loggers to support Tanzania Gas Project Metocean Survey

Aquatec Group have recently supplied a significant number of their deep water AQUAlogger® 210 data loggers for measurement of turbidity, temperature and depth.  The loggers are being used by the RPS MetOcean team based in Perth, W. Australia, in support of the Tanzania Gas Project Metocean Survey for Statoil (Tanzania). The survey is to assist Statoil in developing a field in 2600m of water, and consists of approximately 20 moorings at the site and along proposed pipeline routes.




Aquatec Hydrotest Instrumentation for IKM in Norway

Aquatec are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a 1.6M NOK contract to supply hydrotest instrumentation and spares for the rental arm of Norwegian subsea company, IKM. Following several years of successful deployments, IKM have upgraded to Aquatec’s latest HYDROlog, AQUAmodem and subsea switch technology to equip their subsea hydrotest data logger spreads.