Aquatec Equipment Awards 2012

Aquatec is delighted to offer the 2012 Aquatec Equipment Awards for students or early-career researchers.  Applications were invited from graduate students or university researchers within the first two years of their first appointment.

Applications are now closed, and notifications will be sent out shortly.

Equipment Awards

Up to three awards will be made, covering loaned Aquatec equipment and a travel grant to allow the researcher to carry out experimental research and present the results of their work at an appropriate conference.


Equipment Detail

Travel Grant


3 month loan of an AQUAscat 1000R acoustic suspended sediment profiler



2 month loan of an AQUAlogger 210TYPT10 turbidity, temperature and depth logger for monitoring suspended sediment



6 week loan of an AQUAlogger 520PT10 temperature and depth logger


How to Apply

Applicants should prepare a brief research project proposal (500 words max) describing their research aims, how they plan to deploy or use the chosen instrument, how it will help them to achieve their research aims, and how they will disseminate the results of their work.  They must also include full contact details, including their university and supervisor’s contact details.

Send entries to .

Closing date: 30th April 2012.

Judging Criteria

Applications will be judged on the scientific and innovative merit of their proposal, the practicality of the planned experiment, and the demonstration of a clear need for the chosen instrument.


The competition is open to graduate students studying for higher degrees who are required to carry out applied research as part of their course, or to university researchers in the first two years of their first post-graduate appointment.  Where appropriate, references may be requested from supervisors regarding the suitability of the proposed work.  Overseas applicants should note that they will be responsible for any temporary importation fees and all return delivery costs to the UK.  Applicants may apply for more than one award, but only one award will be granted to a successful applicant.


1. Grant winners must acknowledge Aquatec in any publications or presentations that describe work carried out with the instrument.
2. They must share with Aquatec any data acquired with the instrument to assist with Aquatec’s continuing technical and commercial development, and permit Aquatec to use such data on their web site or in their commercial literature.
3. Equipment is provided for a fixed term within the 2012 calendar year, and must be returned to Aquatec no later than the due end date.
4. The travel grant is made as an ex gratia payment once the loaned instrument has been returned and a summary project report has been sent to Aquatec, no later than 31 January 2013.
5. The grant winner is responsible for payment of any applicable taxes.

For more information, download the Flyer .