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LEAKlog - leak detectionalt

Aquatec designs and manufactures leak detection systems for the oil industry. We are also able to provide systems and operator personnel for hire across the globe.

Aquatec's LEAKlog instrument range are used for the detection of leaks from subsea pipelines and installations, generally deployed from ROVs.  We use a variety of detection techniques, including fluorescence detection, passive acoustic detection, and thermal gradient monitoring.

Data Acquisition

The Aquatec leak detection systems use the same tried and tested data acquisition technology used in the hydrotest instrumentation.  The standard LEAKlog acquisition system has two independent channels that may be connected to a range of different sensors.

Fluorescence Detection

During precommissioning, fluorescent dye may be injected into the pipeline during the flooding phase so that any leaks are more easily detected.  Long range fluorometer sensors are available for various fluorescent tracers.  In addition, ultra-violet sensors are also available to detect hydrocarbons.  The sensors can detect very small quantities of tracer resulting from leaks, even in highly turbid conditions, when traditional ‘black light’ technology is insufficiently sensitive.

Thermal Leak Detection

When there is a temperature differential between the sea water and the contents of a pipeline, the fast response temperature probe can be used to detect small thermal plumes rising from the leak source.  The probe can provide an absolute temperature output, or an ultrasensitive temperature gradient output.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Following research into the typical signals emitted by high pressure leaks, a directional ultrasonic detection sensor was developed.  Background noise such as from an ROV, is filtered out, so that only the signals in the band of interest are monitored and analysed.  The acoustic sensor has been designed to operate alongside the existing fluorometer or thermal sensors, thus providing a two-stage detection process.  It is also ideal for situations where the use of fluorescent dyes is not feasible or permissible.

Features and benefits

  • 3 different detection methods: fluorescence, thermal or acoustic
  • Real time display


  • Leak detection

Technical information

LEAKlog Models

LEAKlog model Description
LEAKlog 100

LEAKlog Acquisition System, comprises:
2-channel data acquisition system rated to 3500 m
RS232/485 converter; 24V power cable tail for ROV
Communications cable tail for ROV
AQUAtalk control and display software

LEAKlog LR-FR Long Range Rhodamine/Roemex 9022 fluorometer sensor for dye detection
LEAKlog LR-FF Long Range Fluorescein fluorometer sensor for dye detection
LEAKlog LR-UV Long Range UV fluorometer sensor for dye and hydrocarbon detection
LEAKlog T1 Fast response thermal sensor
LEAKlog PA1 Passive acoustic sensor

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