The AQUAmodem Family

AQUAmodem is the name given to all of Aquatec's underwater communication products, which were first launched in 1997.  Current models include the AQUAmodem 500 instruments, which include data acquisition and 'send and forget' data transmission, and the configurable AQUAmodem 1000 modems.

Integrated communications

Aquatec instrumentation can be incorporated into complete systems using the following modems:

AQUAmodem Op1 Optical Modem

Aquatec has been producing underwater acoustic modems for over 15 years. Now, for short range applications, we have introduced the AQUAmodem Op1 Optical Modem.

This instrument provides a seamless interface between the user and any subsea instrumentation with RS232 serial interfaces, such as our AQUAlogger oceanographic instruments, HYDROlog hydrotest loggers and LEAKlog leak detection sensors – typically via an ROV umbilical.



AQUAmodem 1000 Configurable Modemalt

Aquatec’s latest acoustic modem technology has been developed over 15 years. The more recent projects involved shallow water communications in the Baltic over ranges of up to 5 km, while current long range communication technology has been developed within the EC-Funded DAMOCLES and ACOBAR projects (see Research & Development) for communication at up to 20 km range.



AQUAmodem 500 - Integrated Measurement and Data Transmission

The AQUAmodem 500 instruments represent a breakthrough in low cost underwater communications.  Perfect for long-term, multi-point condition monitoring, the system combines the proven data acquisition capabilities of Aquatec's AQUAlogger underwater instrumentation with a low-power acoustic transmission system. At the surface is a standard AQUAmodem receiver unit that decodes the data signals transmitted from multiple subsea units.