AQUAlogger® 210TY

Turbidity logger

Turbidity, temperature, pressure - to 4000m

Ideal for dredge monitoring and water quality studies


The AQUAlogger 210TY is a compact instrument capable of monitoring turbidity, and optionally temperature and/or water pressure at up to 4000 m water depth. The 210 series of data loggers incorporate a replaceable battery providing life expectancy of up to 1 year within a lightweight housing.

The AQUAtalk software application provides an intuitive and user-friendly software interface for deployment configuration, uploading of data, and quick report generation.



  • Self-contained logger
  • Up to 4000FTU
  • To 4000m depth
  • Optional temperature and pressure sensors
  • Continuous and burst sampling regimes
  • 1Hz maximum sampling rate
  • High speed data connection
  • Real time reporting capability as standard


  • Oceanographic and environmental research
  • Monitoring dredge plumes
  • Silt monitoring for hydropower plants
  • Water quality monitoring for EIA and aquaculture
  • Turbidity monitoring during construction

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