HYDROlog™ 2000

Test pressure and external temperature – up to 1400 bar

Ideal for real time hydrotest monitoring

The HYDROlog 2000 has been superseded by the more advanced HYDROlog 3000.

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Designed with durability in mind, the advanced HYDROlog 2000 is a long-lasting instrument, capable of monitoring high pressure in deep water environments…

…giving accurate, real-time reporting.

The HYDROlog 2000 is a resilient instrument suitable for monitoring test pressure and ambient water temperature during subsea pipeline hydrotesting. The instrument has a 4000m standard water depth rating, making it ideal for deep water deployments. To ensure you have the most appropriate range for your test, choose between 6 different pressure ranges before purchasing – 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1200 or 1400 bar.


  • Real time hydrotest
  • High pressure hydrotest
  • Deep water hydrotest

Hydrotest Pressure

  • To demonstrate a successful hydrotest, a continuous record of pressure is required. The data loggers are completely self-contained and record test pressure at regular intervals throughout the test.
  • Data is downloaded at the end of the test to produce a permanent record of the hydrotest.

Temperature Compensation

  • Once the pipeline under test has been sealed, the internal pressure may vary with temperature – caused for example by tidal fronts. It is important to be able to record temperature variations during the hydrotest so that any temperature-related cyclic or step pressure changes can be correctly correlated to temperature. All HYDROlog instruments include temperature measurement, additionally Aquatec offers a range of temperature-only instruments that can be used to gather temperature data at additional locations along the pipeline.

Long-lasting performance

  • Designed in stainless-steel, the HYDROlog 2000 will protect your valuable data in all water environments.
  • The instrument contains a long-lasting battery, and can store up to 4 million parameter readings in non-volatile FLASH.

Real-time data

  • With real-time reporting capability, the HYDROlog 2000 gives you the opportunity to react quickly to changes in pressure.
  • Integrate with Aquatec’s AQUAdisp subsea display to present your data in real-time.
  • When it is impractical to retrieve your HYDROlog 2000, use with the AQUAmodem Op1 for reliable data download and communication.

Measure more

  • To give you optimum accuracy, select one of 6 pressure ranges before purchasing - 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1200 or 1400 bar.
  • The instrument gives accurate results, to ensure the monitoring of your hydrotest is successful.

A simpler hydrotest

  • The HYDROlog 2000 can be integrated with a number of Aquatec’s instruments to offer real-time subsea communication. This includes optical modems, subsea displays, cables and acoustic modems.

Ready to use

  • We supply you with everything you need to get started, including software, a dummy connector, USB cable, transit case, maintenance kit, spare battery, warranty and calibration certificate, and a manual.

Sensor specification




Sensor type


Piezo-resistive bridge


-2 to 30°C standard, other ranges on request

Sealed gauge: 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1200, 1400 bar


better than 0.007°C

better than 0.01% full scale



0.1% full scale over temp range

Logger specification

Data storage capacity

Greater than 4M parameter readings, in non-volatile FLASH

Logging lifetime

Depends on logging parameters - up to 1 year

Data retention

>10 years

Burst sampling

Bursts every 1 – 255 seconds or 1 – 255 minutes

Within-burst rate

From 1 Hz to once every 30 seconds

Burst averaging

Bursts may be averaged to a single data value


RS232 or RS422 (specify) and USB 1.1, bus powered

External interfaces

Subsea display, optical modem


3 x 3.6V Custom Lithium ‘AA’ cell pack


AQUAtalk for Windows for configuration and download


¼” NPT, BSP or Autoclave

Maximum depth

4000m standard, custom solutions beyond