The AQUAlogger series includes standalone data loggers to produce precise long term records, wireless instruments for use on commercial fishing vessels and deep water loggers.

The Instruments


AQUAlogger  520


    The AQUAlogger 520 is a compact, self-contained and wireless instrument, providing you with a cost-effective solution for measuring temperature and depth underwater.
AQUAlogger  530


    The AQUAlogger 530 is a wireless logger with a robust design, making it ideal for repeat deployments. With near-real time reporting capability, the AQUAlogger 530 is the optimum solution for crowdsourcing data.
AQUAlogger  310PT


    The AQUAlogger 310PT gives accurate temperature and depth measurements in real time. The logger has a durable design and can be used in water depths of up to 6000 m.